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Complied and Accompanied Notes by Sasan Fatemi

Iran is a vast country with a conspicuous variety of musical cultures. Besides Persian classical music, there exists an enormous repertory of various, either rural or urban, folk music, which in turn embody a variety of ethnic and regional genres. In addition to the diversity of genres, modes, rhythms and instrumentarium, the vocal techniques of sound production and their utilization in each repertory depend on the given musical genre and also vary in different regions and cultural zones. The present collection aims at presenting an overview of almost all vocal techniques of sound production, and their utilization, in the music of Iran considering the sonic varieties in the musical cultures of the country.

Record Label: Mahoor Institute of Culture and Art
Release Date: 2006

Voices from the Land of Iran
An Anthology of Vocal Styles and Techniques  

Track list

CD 1

Cries and Clamors
  1.    Gilan: Gureh
The Shepherd’s Voice
Lori Lullaby
  4.    Bakhtiari Marriage
Sanandaj: Madad Khâni
Torbat-e Jam: Zekr
  7.    Khorasan: Bojnordi Dance
Turkmen Sahra: Zekr-e Khanjar
Baluchestan: Zekr
10.    Sanandaj: Zekr

Vocal Techniques
Tone Color
11.    Baluchestan: Zekr
Hormozgan: Moloud Khâni
The South of Iran: Dâikâto
14.    Mazandaran: Katuli
Mashhad: Ghazal Khâni
Mashhad: Naghali: Rostam and Esfandiar
17.    The South of Iran: Zekr

18.    Bushehr: Sherve Khâni
Bushehr: Nezami Khâni and Sherve Khâni
Lorestan: Mour-e Laki 1
21.    Lorestan: Mour-e Laki 2
Lorestan: Mour-e Laki 3
Lorestan: Mouyeh

CD 2

  1.    Hawraman: Hureh
Hawraman: Siâchamâneh
Northern Khorasan: Jajukhân
  4.    Iranian Classical Vocal: Sigah
Kerman: Godi
Mazandaran: Katuli 1
  7.    Mazandaran: Katuli 2
Mazandaran: Amiri
Mashhad: Masnavi-e Meskin
10.    Khorasan: Zekr-e Haji Majnoon Shah
11.    Turkmen Sahra: Yigida
12.    Bakhtiari: Gogeriva
13.    Sanandaj: Madh
14.    Dezful: Fâez
15.    Minab: Sherve Khâni
16.    Eastern Azerbaijan: Qorbati
17.    Turkmen Sahra: Sarilim Galir
18.    Turkmen Sahra: Tusar Qaraz
19.    Turkmen Sahra: Tashnid  

CD 3

Vocal Styles
Speech, Parlando and Cantabile   
  1.    Lorestan: Shâhnâmeh Khâni
Mashhad: Naghali: Rostam and Ashkbus
Khorasan: Shah Bahram Tale
  4.    Eastern Azerbaijan: Deyisham
Baluchestan: Zekr
Avesta Khâni
  7.    Lorestan: Mashk-zani
Sanandaj: Zekr-e Ghaderieh Khanqah
Baluchestan (Bampur): Kurdi
10.    Khorasan: Bahr-e Tavil
11.    Gilan: Jân-e Leyli
12.    Mahabad: Beyt Khâni 1
13.    Mahabad: Beyt Khâni 2
14.    Naqadeh: Beyt Khâni  
15.    Baluchestan: She’r

Singing and Accompaniment
16.    Lorestan: Mashk-zani
Lorestan: Gashtak
Bakhtiari: Mourning
19.    Baluchestan: Zekr
Kerman: Hanâbandân Cermony
Minab: Moloud Khâni
22.    Qashqai: Khosro
Baluchestan: Nolaki

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